The Mississauga Chapter

We are instrumental in building a strong cohesive community in which Black Women and their families are empowered to participate fully in society and to reach their highest potential.



Building Community • Empowering Black Women and their families


We believe that relationships form the foundation of community.  We nurture strong positive relationships among our members and with the community. 


We value the commitment and dedication of our members and volunteers in our community and our organization.


We value and promote open, transparent, respectful, and non-judgmental communications in all our interactions.


We foster proactive leadership and the development of our members and organization. We demonstrate leadership through strategic thinking and actions.


We are outstanding stewards of our resources. We value honesty, integrity, openness and transparency in all our work.




Membership is open to black women 16 years of age or older, OR any organization whose purpose and objectives are similar to those of the organization.

Our Story

The Congress of Black Women of Canada (CBWC) is a national non-profit community organization with chapters across Canada. The Mississauga & Area Chapter is one of 8 chapters operating in Ontario.

The Mississauga Chapter was established in 1985 in an effort to address issues affecting Black women, our families and our community. The Chapter’s initial concern was the challenges faced by the youth in our community. As the Chapter evolved most of its programs have been focused on youth and education. Through its scholarship program, the Chapter has awarded more than 200 scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education. It has also hosted Black Heritage programs, after school homework clubs and an EQAO Preparation program.

In 1996 the Chapter entered the area of non-profit housing to help to find solutions to the issue of affordable housing in our community. This initiative resulted in the construction of Camille’s Place, a 9 story non-profit housing residence located in Mississauga.

In keeping with its community building mission, the Mississauga Chapter provides a number of annual events including a Black History Month event and a Scholarship Awards Event. It also hosts informative workshops and social and recreational events during the year.

This Chapter serves the City of Mississauga; the City of Oakville; other areas within Peel Region and the west end of Toronto. See information on other CBWC Ontario Region Chapters at the Ontario Regional Website:

The Mississauga Chapter Executive Committee

Ann-Jean Lennox

Past President

Victoria Nelson

Youth Coordinator

Yvonne Johnson

past Vice President

Greta Acrher

Social & Rec. Coordinator



Valerie Williams

educatin Coordinator

Rosalind Burton-Wood

Treasury coordinator

Loris Thomas

Acting Fundraising Coordinator

In 1985, six Black women who were concerned about their community started the Mississauga and Area Chapter of the Congress of Black Women of Canada. They were Jean Augustine, Bernice Benjamin, Caline Carter, Madeline Edwards, Ilene Lawson, and Faye Schepmyer. We salute the pioneers – your legacy will continue through the dedication and commitment of all the members of the Congress of Black Women of Canada – Mississauga and Area Chapter.

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Healthy Environment


Personality Development

School Material

Counselling Sessions

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